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Manga Popularity:

In Japan Manga are everywhere. Japanese can find manga on trains, in restaurants haircut, restaurants, office of the company, the Factory, Beauty Salons and etc. etc.. Many bookstores take half the space to display and manga is not really forget the words to "not reading here" . For those who on pet drug manga midnight to have the cloud automatically selling manga can be found almost every major city
Why has Manga become popular in Japan and over the world like that? Before anwsering this question, we should look at this figures.
Japan publishing market place is one of active market in the world. Part of the manga market is how much percent? Followed Ichinews, Natsume Fusanosuke suggests that Total sales of the publishing industry in 2002 was 2.3 thousand billion Yen ( about 2,5 billion USD ). Total number of publications including journals to more than 750 million ( about 8 millions USD ). 22.6% of total sales, or 38.1% of all publications published sales in 2002 is a manga. Since the movement of Manga has been reached in 1995, the ratio of percentage of manga publications in publishing industry and publishing in general has a tendency to decrease.
It shows the huge Manga effect on the world. How can they do that?

Firstly, let's begin with the Meaning and Origin:
Manga ( 漫画), Kanji highlights that's mean " Free Drawing ". "漫" ( Man ) is mean free, and "画" (Ga ) is mean stoke. From that, Japanese use Manga for every kinds of free drawing.
JOVP (Japan over view point)suggests that in XII century, broze Toba which was a drawer too composed the first roll picture which was known the first picture carried the tenor like story. It showed the close contents by the animals which was drawed look like human such as the frogs wears frock or the monkey wears hat....

In XVI century, there were more pictures gave rich tenor and cartoons and nude pictures appeared.In 1702, Shumboko Ono was a Mangaka ( Manga artist ) who relized a book with a lot of chapters and begin for the develop of Manga later.

This long-standing history is one reason makes the Manga popularity today. The entertaining of Manga was checkes by many generations in over 800 years to became the traditional comic which can't be lack in Japanese life.

Manga classification

This is the second reason makes obsessed popular of Manga today. There are 9 main kinds of Manga which one is Shoujo is Manga for women, often focusing on areas of emotional, Shounen is Manga for men, focusing on types such as science and fiction of the nature of violence.

Kodomo is Manga for children or otherwise for younger readers ages than Shounen and Shoujo. So Kodomo often is highly educational, each programoften independent and have no great length, fit the tastes of children such as Doremon, Hamtaro...

Seinen is a genre of manga is usually aimed at the male subjects 18 to 30 years old, but who is older can read it, with a few series targeting entrepreneurs than men 40. Sometimes it is divided into shoujou or shonen, but this category has a separate definition, are usually divided into the larger art style and richer on the subject, there are new types from advanced to pornography . Version for women is Josei Manga. This category is equivalent in English is "adult".

Mecha is Manga about robots or machines

Hentai is Manga including sexual relations (usually defined as over 18). Shounen ai and yaoi is Manga about love between the Gay. Shoujo ai and Yuri is Manga about Lesbian anime girls. Ecchi is Manga relatives, may be at the level of hentai gently (cat III).

There are many kinds of Manga means it's use for everyone and this means Manga will be more popular

Advantages :

The length of Manga allows the use of image effects pure. So that the reader need only look at the browse page to capture stories. According to an editor of "Shonen Magazine", on average, takes about 20 minutes to finish reading a book magazine comics 320 pages thick. A calculation results for a period of 3.75 seconds to read a page.

Like versify, Manga see the value in the underground. In many cases itself an image showing the same question a few minutes of the story .It still used in movies to high carved deep movement, many comics absolutely no instructions or to dialogue. Kozure Okami, in classic samurai manga with plot by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima by a typical example. Whole story, including 28 of about 8400 pages. The landscape of search is sometimes described 30 pages long, with sound by touching the tongue for one another.

Through the years how can the default be understood between manga artists and readers. Time passed often shown by images and sunrise times, changing time, place through a series of images of buildings and emotions can be lent through the image layer wilt or drop of a fall. Like Japan in the movie, image is important. When samurai 2 tussle of death then around them often the plants leaves. And when the main characters die, the end of the mangas usually are the image of the land crash poetry ventricle cherry leaf, pictography for life continue pass such as run off, like glowering leaf dropsflow, as the leaves fall sad......

There are some examples show the different between the appearance and read of Manga and another comic:


Easy to read and understand. The images clearly and smartly.


There is so much letter and the images are so small to read .

This appearance and read make Manga has became attracted and make the readers have a feel like they live in the stories. They can moved, feel elated and sometimes they will be affected in their live. Therefore, Manga will become more popular.

Check the appearances and read on


Manga can not be developed if the break does not have actual needs. And needs and this image comes from children. Japan children read comics with the same reasons as all children in the other - when they read in the text is still interested and for. For adolescents older adults and the manga to read and can read faster than the novel. A means of mobility, providing a source of recreation and relaxation in a critical social discipline high.

To relax after hours for learning, many young Japanese reading Manga. It open the door to exit immediately fantasy world. Not all aspects such as reading novels and one easy to read manga in 10 minutes than 10 minutes see movies that every television in the long hours. To manga, in moments the little girl students can adventure to the situation full of romantic details eo le, the son he can enter the world of adventure, the game that sports he can not participate in real life outside.

In addition, reading manga is a work quietly and can be implemented alone meet the lifestyle needs space and do not complain people, a general trend showing increased activities of heart of a society Japan crowded modern. Nothing that a pair of young people into a cafe, call drinks and then sit still for hours to book manga by each individual without speaking to each other's different. Or the children read a humorous manga, not smiling or express any emotion on the face of anything.

Manga has become a part of public life of Japanese, they read manga as newspapers, TV, music. Because of differences in, linked with the manga by Japanese society can be difficult to expand with a scale like this in other places.

To sum up, Manga has became one of things which is the most influential in Japan and spread all over the world. These days, when someone talks about Japanese culture, they have to think about Manga which one became obsessed popular as the long-standing historical and development. There are many kinds of Manga for everybody and the atractive appearances . On top of that, the Manga terms is very intersting around many kinds such as supernatural, action, detective, romcom and so on. So the reader will have many choices and never be borred. This is the unlimited power of Manga which will be the final champion in the comic market all over the world.

Ther are some great Mangas which had huge impact on the reader, you should read it as soon as you can.

Death Note: supernatural, action, detective.

Eyeshield 21: Funny, sport.

Some informations are according to VANIME (based on the book Manga manga The World of Japanese Comics by Frederick Schodt.)

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1 Month!! (1)

I have been London for a month !! That's mean I missed my people last 1 month !! That's mean I can't still stand more like this. I should do something to make sure that anyone didn't miss me . So I write this and pose some picture about my life for a month.
Firstly, I can't forget the time which is the first time I'd been here, in the air-port. I was look like a small person in the giant modern city. I felt worry and felt elated. But for a month I've been here. I can see the different between London and Tuy Hoa :)) :)) :)). ( What a huge distance !! ) This place can give me every thing I want because their service is great. I'll tell you all about this whenever I feel it's enough for me. And now, I'll post some picture and talk about something in my life in London which is "Fog Peninsula".
Then, This is my little room.

And this one is can't miss in my room. That is........................the wash-room :)) :))

My Macbook. It's sparkling!!

But, you know? When I go to bed, when I look at 4 walls, when there is not anything voice, I miss anyone. The room is too dark, I feel so lonely. I need some one here. I wished.....