Thursday, 16 July 2009

Happyness interview

What makes people happy ? If you can answer this question, you will find out your happyness.
In my opinion, I highlight that the key factor in my happyness are friends and FAMILY.
Then I have graph which explain and helps you to watch for my opinion easier.
On top of that, the first thing which you should do is " Don't live alone ". Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that there isn't happyness without friends. Have many friends allows you relax your mind and keeping healthy. What's more, it's helps you have many funny and smiles. In my country, there is a sentence that " a smile as 10 packages of medicine". Do you know why ? Because your systemic's heart vibrate and elastic continuous when you smile. It's good for our healthy.
Later, If you have a girl friends and get marry, you have happyness. I stop here to talk about the happyness with money. In your opinion, how much money do you need to buy happyness? The answer is there is no money enough to buy happyness, real happyness. But by my way, I don't need the money to have happyness. Because follow
Steve Henry and David Alberts who wrote "You Are Really Rich, You Just Don’t Know It Yet" magazine that the moment when you hear " I love you " value about 266.000 USD. What is an amazing thing which is brang by happyness ! But in your life, there is no only 1 time which you will hear that sentence. Let image.
Overall, maybe i'm wrong, but the real happyness is your mind, not
material. Oh, when I wrote this topic, I asked somebody and found out that "FAMILY" is abbreviated by " Father And Mother I Love You". Amazing !!!!!!
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  1. Wow, great post Chuong! I completely agree with you that ultimately real happiness is mainly down to the friends and family we have. We are social animals and love is our fuel, like petrol is a car's fuel. Money has its place in life, but is not what makes us happy. Having a great circle of people around you is what really counts.

    Another very well-written post, with some fantastic and complex language. Just check out:

    - Happiness (spelling)

    - 'helps you to UNDERSTAND my opinion easier'.

    - 'HavING many friends allows you TO...' (Remember we use -ing when we want to start the sentence with the verb as the subject like this)

    - 'It's good for our HEALTH' (noun).

    - 'get marrIED'

    - 'FOR ME, I don't need the money...'

    -'What an amazing thing which is BROUGHT by happiness'

    -'noT only 1 time'

    I love the abbreviation at the end. Absolutely awesome!