Thursday, 9 July 2009

" TEENAGER " trends

Why I call that is TEENAGER trends. Because these are the trends which were created by teenagers. In my opinion, there are 2 main trends : Good trend and bad trend.
First, I'm going to
discuss good trend . That is STUDYING ABROAD.
About 20 years ago, there were few international schools which were only famous universities like: Oxford, Cambrigde, Havard...... But these days, many parents want my children have get best knowledge to get a good job. So they want their children to STUDY ABROAD which is good way to got best knowledge. What's more, "STUDY ABROAD" allows them to know many cultures by their new friends who come from many differents countries in the world. On top op that, they will live in the residence where they must be independent. Living in the resident, they will do many works which they didn't do before by themselves. It good for them. It allow them to be good men. It makes everything easier in the future. It is the best thing which study abroad gives them.
But, there are not only good things. On top op that, they stay away from home where their parents are who always attend and teach them what they can do...... But they don't want it. Stay away from home allow them free, do everything they want.....and maybe they will choose wrong way to be followed. What's more, If you search on GOOGLE, you will easily see many photos which they take after the patries or the times they call by HAPPY TIMES. And that will be terrible for their future.
The photos have just given same things
Not easy to look at this photos, but we should agree that is true. These days, many teenagers live too easily, they can't control themself and very easy to be taken advantage of by bad guys. Some of them who want to assert that they are better than everyone by the bad way. For example, there is a way which was created by teenagers 2 years ago to assert themself. They call that TRY TO LIVE TOGETHER with their lover ( like try to have a small family ). And after that moment, they take some photos which allow everyone knows that they are better. And then, they were famous. But famous by the way which will steal their honnour.

There are many questions around this problem. For examble: " Did they think about this work before they did it ? " The answer is YES. They thought about that. But their mind is very young, they thought about the way which was the fastest way allows them to be FAMOUS. On top op that, about 3 months ago, there was one girl who used knife to slash her arm many lines which one symbolized for 1 boy her love, quickly love. And later, she is famous. Good for her, but I feel terrible.

That is the trend I want to talk to you. The bad trend, terrible trend which will be dangerous for every teenagers who try to choose it. It will terminate teenagers's honnour. It's TRY TO ASSERT MYSELF trend.

To sum up, I want to tell you that there are many teenagers trends which have good and bad trends. Maybe I'm wrong, but these day, teenagers who follow these negative trends OUTNUMBER those who do positive things.
So I want to talk to parents of these children, please attend and teach them more to be good men.


  1. Hi Chuong,

    Great new look for the blog! I love the lime green at the top and then used for links too.You've got a good eye for design. How did you get the picture done for the header?

    This is a very good first blog. A very good choice of topic, a good structure, and some excellent examples of the linking and opinions language we studied this week. Great photos to illustrate your points too. Very effective Chuong!

    I completely agree with you that there are positive and negative trends these days for young people. The world is becoming increasingly globalized, which allows them to access new opportunities. On the other hand, however, sometimes more freedom can lead to problems as you said. Young people need to become mature before they can make big decisions about their lifestyles. In the UK, for example, we have a huge problem with teenage pregnancy. It's such a shame when young people make mistakes that will affect their whole lives.

    A lot of great language here Chuong. Impressive, although you should do a spellcheck (maybe in MS Word) so that you don't present your work with spelling mistakes. Try going back and doing it now.

    Some things to check out:

    - 'which were created by...' (no 'be')

    - 'In my opinion,...' (no 's')

    - You don't need to put 'about' after 'discuss'. Just use 'discuss' by itself.

    - Try using 'StudyING abroad' instead of 'study abroad' when you want this to be the subject of your discussion. When we use a verb at the beginning like this, we use the 'ing' form (the grammar term for this is 'gerund' = a verb which acts like a noun). So for example, I could say something like 'LivING in a big city enables you to have more employment opportunities'.

    - 'About 20 years ago, there WERE...'

    - 'these dayS', 'allowS them to...', 'It makeS everything easier'

    - 'they want THEIR children TO study abroad'

    - 'allowS them to know many cultures THROUGH their new friends'

    - 'On top of that' (spelling!)

    - 'be independent'

    - 'LivING in the resident, they will do many works which they didn't do before by themselVES' (the 'ing' is another gerund; the same as I mentioned above)

    - 'On top oF that, they stay away from home where THEIR parents ARE'

    - 'What's more, if you search on GOOGLE, you will EASILY SEE many photos'

    -'Not easy to look at thESE photos'

    - 'These dayS, many teenagers LIVE TOO EASILY' (use adverbs with verbs)

    - 'taken advantage OF by bad guys'.

    - 'before they DID it', 'there WAS a girl' (don't forget to use the past tense)

    - 'assert myself' (no 'by')

    - 'it will TAKE AWAY their honour'

    - '...are more than another'. Instead of this, you could maybe say: 'these days, teenagers who follow these negative trends OUTNUMBER those who do positive things'. Or 'these days, the number of teenagers following these negative trends is increasing'.

    - 'the parents of these children'

    - 'good men' (no 'a' because it's plural).

    Very good job overall Chuong. Maybe try to keep things a little simpler in your assessed blog posts at times, so you focus on expressing yourself as clearly as possible.

    Keep up the fantastic work you've been doing!


  2. You've improved a lot. I'm amazed.
    Sao ko pm cho tao mày?