Thursday, 23 July 2009

Shana oh Yoshitsune

This is the topic which I will write to decribe about one of the best manga I've read: "Shana oh Yoshitsune" which is the historical, shounen manga.
This is a naturally a shounen manga and deals with the orphaned boy Hyota who was in a group of traveling entertainers. One day, he encounters a fine noble woman named Tokiwa who requestes the group to performed at her home. But her intentions were not what they seem to be. Her family was an aristocracy family which was attended by Taira family. This family was a Japanese clan of samurai, or aristocratic warriors and ruled Japan in 12th century. Tokiwa wanted Hyota disguised Ushikawa as her son because of these boys were similar so much. Later, there was many many story about this boys, Ushikawa die when he was 16 but nobody knew about that. Hyota was still live and he grew up day by day to be a man who defeated Taira family. And now, evrery people know him by Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Why I go for this manga ? Because there are not only it shows about the legend of historical. It also teach us about consistent, independent..... On top of that, the manga highlights about the love between every people which made the succeed of this manga. What's more, when I read this manga, I felt very funny because of some pages of story couple with the feel to be moved to tears because of their love which they gave another people
So I give it thumbs up. It such a great manga. You should check it out now by

This website has 5 first chapters of this manga on English. And all chapters on
Take a rest when you read it

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