Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Vietnam in my eyes

Vietnam has changed for the better. About 40 years ago, in 1968, Vietnam war poor, really poor.There were many people who were hungry . They lay on the street like the monsters. After that year, there were 2 millions people died.
But now, there are not. Everything is better. The Government ensures that there are no people still poor and hungry. The Government lends them the money or some policies to support to improve their life and then they can go to school to learn.

On some mountains, there are playgrounds or tourist sites which were built for entertaiment. In the city, everything has changed for the better: people incomes are increasing, many big buildings were built....... But historical monuments, architectural monuments or religious architectural monument were protected for tourism.

Day by day, Vietnam is changing for the better about dimension and form to hand by hand with many different countries in the world.


  1. BroBoy,

    what a fantastic post! Beautifully written and really informative. It is truly amazing how much Vietnam has changed in recent times and thank God it has been a change for the better, as you say. Hopefully, step by step Vietnam will not always be associated with images of war and be known for other things. The future is bright!

    I am really pleased with your postings and your class work Chuong. You have some great ideas and are expressing yourself in complex and varied ways. Keep up the fantastic language!

    A few things:

    - 'There were many people WHO were hungry' (relative clause that we studied this week)

    -'Two million people died'

    -'Everything is better'

    -'The government lendS them the money ...'

    -'playgrounds or some tourist sites WHICH were built for entertainment' (again relative clause WHICH from this week's lessons)

    -'People's incomeS ARE increasing'

    -'Day be day, Vietnam IS CHANGING for the better (change happening at the moment)

    - I don't really understand what you mean when you say 'about dimension and form to hand by hand with...' Let's talk about it and I'll show you how you can express it more clearly.

    Some great vocabulary you used: ensures that, policies, support, improve, income, monuments etc. Very well done.

  2. howng yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh